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Wedding Planner Genève - Is it worth it to hire a wedding planner in Geneva?

Oct 22

The hiring of a wedding planner is usually a luxury rather than a necessity. It is probably not worth it for couples planning a small wedding or working on a tight budget. But if you can afford it and want to take the stress out of planning your own wedding, it's really worth it.

What does a wedding planner do for you?

Whether you live in Geneva or elsewhere in Switzerland, a wedding planner will help you organize your big day and make sure that nothing goes wrong. They'll take care of the flowers, cakes, photography and more. Congrats! You just got married and now it is time to plan the after-party! When it comes to organizing your event management for your wedding celebrations- we can help with all aspects of service from sourcing an English-speaking DJ to finding a cooking chef so everything is taken care of on the big day.

Wedding Planner for the big day

How much does it cost to hire a wedding planner?

Hiring a wedding planner in Geneva is not about things, it is about taking some of the stress out of planning. Your family will thank you!

You might be considering hiring a wedding planner to help with the details, but there are so many other reasons why planners are recommended. Let me tell you more!

Having knowledgeable local contacts in related fields who can answer questions and support your suppliers means less work for you-- someone has already done all the research for everything from bakeries to flowers. Any vendors that they recommend that match your needs get your business automatically without having to do any research of their own on different vendors or products or bids or agreements. Handling logistics is quick and easy even if it includes overseas travel arrangements.

The pros of hiring a wedding planner

The pros of hiring a wedding planner are that it relieves the stress of planning your own event. Wedding planners take care of all facets so you can enjoy your day with family and friends, confident in the knowledge everything will be taken care of to ensure an enjoyable day for everyone.

A professional wedding coordinator's expertise can save you time and money by exploring different venues, vendors, menu options, flowers and much more before making decisions on what will work best for you. A trusted coordinator also has working relationships with potential vendors that they have dealt with before so he or she can negotiate prices that are lower than if you were to book on your own. Eliminate worry by letting them deal with unforeseen issues like running out of food this is why hiring a wedding planner in Geneva is a great idea.

The cons of hiring a wedding planner

The cons of hiring a wedding planner can vary considerably depending on the person. If someone is willing and able to do all the leg work themselves, then saving some money wouldn't be too bad. It would take a lot of organization and time though. If they are not willing or able to do it themselves, then hiring a professional will save them both time and stress which is always helpful when dealing with such an important event in one's life.

Lady preparing a wedding

Choose Geneva for your wedding

If you live in Geneva or the rest of Europe, Switzerland is an excellent option for your wedding planner. For the most part, the quality is there and they do not go bankrupt. But if you are not in Europe, then prepare yourself for some confusion because this person will be on one end of the world while you are at another end trying to tie everything together by telecommunication alone. You can find some great wedding planners but it can be a bit difficult sometimes with language barriers and customs that differ from yours. It's also more expensive hiring someone who has to fly halfway around the world just to help out with your festivities which ends up being expensive for both them as well as yourself due to international hotel rates, flights, food expenses

Contact the best wedding planner in Geneva in Switzerland

If you would like to organize a wedding planner, then consider hiring a professional event organizer in Geneva instead. Unlike a wedding planner, the organizers of an event are trained with business-specific skills that will ensure that your event is not only successful but also profitable. By interviewing potential coordinators beforehand, you can be certain that they will offer their expertise and support.

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