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Rent Cold Spark Machines for Your Wedding/Event

Jun 2

Rent Cold Spark Machines

Renting a cold spark machine is not an inexpensive endeavor. As with most purchases, you will need to decide what you want out of the device. Do you want to be able to create a large number of sparklers, or just a few sparklers to decorate your event? Or, do you want to purchase and use a single cold spark machine for a long period of time? Figuring out what you want is the key to determining the cost. 

Wedding Entrances & Exits With Cold Spark Machines

We've all seen the grand entrances that some musicians make at concerts and festivals. Many of them will use sparklers, or even fire, on stage. You have likely even seen athletes and even wrestlers on TV, using pyrotechnics, too! These grand entrances and exits look amazing! 

Many couples and clients want to have these types of entrances, too. Using pyrotechnics isn't an easy thing to do. It's also very expensive. Until today. Now, you can use a much safer alternative, which is called cold spark machines. 

These machines emit sparklers, but at a cooler temperature than the traditional machines. They're around 62 degrees. You can even touch them and not get burned! 

Cold Spark Machine Rental Cost

To rent cold spark machines, you have a few limited options. You can go with a national company who will ship them to you. The only problem is you'll have to figure out how to run them on your own. This isn't ideal. You can also hire a company to provide them, which will include someone to run them for you. 

Both of these options aren't cheap, unfortunately. The DIY route can cost $1300 - $1500 just for 4 machines! The pyrotechnic companies charge even more than that. So if you want a grand entrance, be ready to pay a grand or more (pun intended). :)

The in-between option is DJ companies. Some event companies carry these and are priced similarly to the DIY route, but usually a little more. Most people rent 4, 8, or event 12 machines or more. Just know the average cost is about $1500 for four machines from a DJ company in the US market. They will be much cheaper than the pyro route, though. 

We spoke to Jason, of Austin's Best DJs & Photo Booths. Jason and his team offer these cold spark machines. He stated: "these machines are definitely a hot trend right now. WE can't keep up with the demand! Everyone wants these, and surprisingly, there are not many companies in our area that provide them. We're one of about 3-4 companies that offer these. It's great for business but tough for the clients. If you want to rent these, be sure to plan well in advance. I'd recommend at least 6 - 12 months in advance for areas that have few providers." 

You can see Jason's page on their site: Austin's Best DJs & Photo Booths. So if you want to rent the cold spark machines for your upcoming wedding/event, be sure to book them far in advance. If you're in the Austin area, feel free to contact Jason and his team, or stop by their office: Details below: