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Event Photography in San Antonio

Sep 1

What a Photograp[her Should Wear for an Event Photo Shoot

Wearing a tucked-in shirt will often give you a more formal appearance. Depending on the event a coat and tie may be appropriate but this should be limited to formal events. For most, you simply want to blend in and be able to move around easily. Unless you are outdoors photographing a charity golf event, shots and a pullover shirt should not be on your options list.

A Photographer's Checklist of Essentials

In order to be prepared and stay organized all day long as a photographer, it is important to have a checklist of essentials. This list should include everything from equipment to batteries, extra memory cards, and even rain gear.

Some photographers prefer carrying their gear around in a backpack while others opt for a utility belt system or straps. Some people use either the ‘photo vest’ or ‘photo jacket’ which allows them to carry all their equipment at the same time on their torso. There are many different ways that one can decide on how they will carry their gear but no matter what system is chosen it is important that one has everything they need with them at all times. A second camera is a must-have for fast-moving events where every shot counts. For slower-paced meetings or reception dinners keeping a backup in the same room is more than enough.

Tips for Photographing Events

I wanted the view of a professional event photographer so I reached out to Jeffrey Truitt Photography.

Always arrive early. For small events, if you are in position 15 minutes ahead of time you should be fine. For larger venues, 30 minutes is a lot safer. If the event is being held at a busy time of day, I recommend getting to the venue at least an hour ahead in case of traffic issues. Then you can organize and take your time getting into position.

After the event, I like to secure my SD cards away from my camera.

Ideally, I can download to a laptop and begin the process of cloud backup before leaving the event. Unfortunately, this is not always an option when the venue is closing for the night.

I have two reasons for my process. The first is theft. Walking to a parking lot can be dangerous and the number one thing a thief would want is a backpack or camera bag. This way the real value, my image files are not part of the quick snatch and grab. The second is it prevents mistakes. If I remove the card there is no chance I may forget and erase the files by mistake. I can't tell you how many photographers spend thousands on cameras but only have one large card and record 2-3 days of jobs on it. If you ask me this is simply crazy.