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Don't Forget Your Wedding Anniversary

Sep 20

What to get the wife on your anniversary? There is a range of traditional and modern gift ideas.

1) Jewelry: The tradition of gifting jewelry for an anniversary dates back to at least the 12 th century when wedding rings were first worn by brides. Rings, earrings, necklaces and other such pieces that are beautiful and finely crafted will delight your wife.

2) Perfume: This gift cements the bond of love and affection, symbolizing togetherness. Your choice of perfume should be based on her individual preference—light or heavy, musky or flowery, spicy or woody etc. 

3) Spa gift certificate: She can use this gift for herself or gift it to her best friend, sister, mom or any other woman who you want to shower with love through your wedding anniversary gift.

4) Silver plated photo frame: This commemorative gift will help her cherish the memories that she shared with you. To make it more sentimental, engrave her favorite picture of the two of you inside the photo frame.

5) A piece of jewelry that has a personal connection: You can gift her a pair of earrings, necklace or bracelet from an expensive jeweler's shop if you have been together for a long time. But if your relationship is still relatively new, go for something unique and vintage—a handmade hairpin, belt buckle, locket or any other cool accessory.

6) Gift certificate: An anniversary is as special as a birthday and if you can't decide which gift to choose for her, give her a gift voucher from the store where she shops frequently.  She will love that you remembered something as simple as that about her!

7) A personalized gift: A monogrammed handkerchief, a photo album or a recipe book can be great anniversary presents for her.

8) Potpourri: Your choice of potpourri should be based on the scent that your wife loves most. There are various options available in floral, fruity and herbal fragrances.

9) Spa treatment: Who doesn't love a relaxing spa treatment? Your wife will appreciate it if you give her a voucher for a massage session or any other pampering activity that she loves.

10) A framed poem: Frame the handwritten copy of your favorite poem and present it to her on your anniversary. She will love this romantic gesture from you.

11) A voucher for a cooking class: She will appreciate it if you gift her a voucher to an online cooking school or an actual book that has different recipes. Learning from the experts is always fun and she can try out new dishes when you together on your special day.

12) Antique photograph of the two of you: Take the picture of the two of you when you first started dating and get it beautifully framed or mounted.

13) A special Wedding Anniversary Edition book: There are several websites where you can find personalized books that have romantic stories written by professional writers for each year of your marriage. Your wife will cherish this gift forever!

14) A handmade anniversary card with her favorite love poems written on it: Write your wife's favorite romantic poem with a painted picture of the two of you drawn by you.

15) An anniversary journal: This is a unique gift that will help her document the memories of your special moments together. Ask her to write about what she loved most about each year that you have spent together.


25 Years Of Marriage

This is the silver wedding anniversary and it is a perfect time to celebrate your marriage with a special gift. You will find many silver wedding anniversary gifts for her at the shop, but you can also make something yourself! Instead of buying her a present with your hard earned money, why not go all out and create something that she will cherish forever? Make personalized cards or frame poems that she will love. You can also present her with a framed picture of the two of you and wish her all the happiness in the world on this special day. Organize a surprise getaway for your wife and plan a beautiful trip to an exotic location where you will be able to spend some quality time together!


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