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A Vintage Or Modern Wedding Dress?

Oct 9

Planning your wedding day can be a very thrilling and special experience, however, choosing the perfect wedding dress can be a nightmare. The problem with the traditional white wedding dress is that it is so out of date! In this article I want to share some tips on how to select a wedding dress that will look great in 25 years time, maybe even longer. If you are not a fashion person then these tips may be a little too complacent for you, however they are a fun and useful way to get yourself thinking about what wedding dress style might suit you best in future.

Vintage or modern wedding dresses? If you are marrying in the winter or summer, you may like to choose a wedding dress which is more appropriate to those climates. In the summer it is a good idea to wear a style which works well for hot days, especially if you will be outside in the heat. You do not want a dress which will make you feel uncomfortable in anyway. So do consider a more traditional style such as a strapless bodice, which is easier to find in many stores these days than it used to be. There are also many more choices for sleeves and bodices, you do not have to stick to the classic style.

A vintage or traditional wedding dress is not just about being comfortable - you also need to be sentimental about your choice. If you love vintage clothing, make sure your wedding dress reflects this. For example, if you have a fondness for spaghetti straps, have your dress made from spaghetti strap material. The cost of this particular type of material is high but the vintage look is certainly worth it for many brides.

Modern wedding dresses are usually far less expensive. That said, there are many different styles, materials and colours to choose from, so budget is definitely a consideration. However, there is nothing wrong with splashing out on a more 'traditional' style wedding dress. It may come down to choosing between too many styles or not choosing the best one for your body type.

Remember that any wedding dress which leaves the shoulders exposed can lead to blisters, chaffing and even skin irritation. So remember to choose a style which does not show the shoulders. There is a style called A-line, which is perfect for women with slender frames and faces. This style of dress highlights the waist and hips, which is ideal for women with those figures.

However, if you are not careful, wearing a vintage or more traditional style wedding dress can be quite uncomfortable and hard on your back. So this may not be the best choice for everyone. A-line dresses can be hard to find these days but it is an option. Also remember that a vintage dress may not last forever so buying something new is probably the best option. The internet is a great place to find everything you need for your wedding day - including a wedding dress!

Just remember that it is important to choose the right material for your wedding dress. Traditional dresses usually have lining with ribbon, bows and lace, but there are other alternatives available. You could opt for silk or satin wedding dresses, or even a pure cotton dress. Choosing the material can make a huge difference to the look of your outfit. However, these days these dresses are made from all sorts of material - including clothes, linen and even artificial fibres!

Finally, make sure the dress reflects your personality as a couple. If you want to have a vintage inspired wedding dress, then this is definitely the way to go. However, if you would like a more modern and elegant dress, then you might want to consider choosing a more contemporary style of wedding dress. Just remember that whichever type of wedding dress you decide on, it should make you look and feel your best!