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5 Outplacement Things to do to Help Outbound Staff Part Happily

Jan 7

Business headshots are essential to working people. Poorly handled layoffs during an outplacement can be costly, hurting your employer's brand and leaving your business with a brutal reputation.


This does not imply that you shouldn't move through with your restructuring plans; after all, sometimes, a company needs to make significant changes to thrive sustainably over the long run. Your team, however, is what will make it successful.


Studies reveal that 96% of employees believe exhibiting empathy is crucial to increase employee retention, especially during terrible layoffs and redundancies.


There are numerous outplacement companies around nowadays, and each one does things a little bit diversely. Leaving you (the buyer) unaware of what outplacement efforts are crucial for your employee’s success when you let them go.


What outplacement activities should you watch out for, then?


The quick answer is: it depends on a lot of various things, such as work kind, job title, experience level, geographic area, budget, etc. However, despite all those variables, certain activities should be included in any outplacement program you offer your employees. 


But first, let’s dive into each of those activities in this article, after which I will discuss additional appropriate activities for specific situations.




It is crucial to address onboarding for outplacement providers. Onboarding provides the coach with essential insight regarding the individual they are assisting, such as their aspirations and prior experiences. It's also critical to determine whether external factors affect program pacing or content. 


Skipping this process can create an obstacle between both parties, inevitably resulting in impaired outcomes for all involved.


For instance, if an employee has already progressed to the interviewing stage of their job search before entering a coach-assisted outplacement program, it would be impractical for the coach to begin searching for employers. Instead, they should focus on honing interview skills and techniques.


Resume Writing


Resume writing is one of the essential outplacement services. It's a process that involves developing professional documents that highlight an individual's skills, experience, and achievements to make them more attractive candidates for potential employers.


Outplacement providers can help individuals create high-quality resumes tailored to specific job roles and industries. They should also provide advice on formatting and ways to present information appealingly. Furthermore, if requested by the client, they should also offer assistance with cover letters or thank you notes.


Career Coaching


Career coaching helps people identify their current situation in the job market and develop strategies for advancing their careers. The goal here is to equip your departing staff with the necessary skills and confidence to be successful in their next role.


Outplacement providers should offer one-on-one coaching sessions to help people develop a personal career plan, set goals, prepare for interviews, and more. This allows individuals to identify gaps to fill to become more competitive job candidates.


Job Search Assistance


Your outplacement provider should assist departing staff members searching for new employment opportunities. This includes researching potential employers that meet their criteria, constructing an effective networking strategy, leveraging online resources such as job boards and social media platforms, scheduling interviews, and following up on applications. 


Providers can also provide insights into current trends in the relevant industries, which might give employees an edge over other applicants.


LinkedIn Optimization


Today, LinkedIn is one of the most popular job search platforms. It’s also a great way to build professional relationships and get discovered by recruiters and hiring managers. 


Outplacement providers should help clients optimize their profiles with attention-grabbing titles, descriptions, keywords, and an up-to-date portfolio demonstrating their skills and capabilities.


These are the primary activities that should be included in any outplacement program. Depending on the individual’s circumstances, some providers may offer additional services such as negotiating salaries and benefits, job search workshops and seminars, or career assessments. 


Ultimately, it pays to do your due diligence when selecting an outplacement provider who can help you provide positive outcomes for departing staff members.


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