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Whale Watching Excursion in Juneau Alaska

Jan 6

During the spring and summer months, the Gray whales migrate to Alaska from the warm waters of South America. When you visit Juneau, you can take a whale watching excursion to see these magnificent creatures. If you're looking for an intimate whale-watching experience, book a private tour. You can also go on an evening whale quest to catch a glimpse of the majestic creatures in their natural environment.

Gray whales migrate to Alaska

Depending on their migration route, gray whales can cover between 5,000 and 7,000 miles between Alaska and Mexico. They can travel as fast as ten or eleven miles per hour and can stay under the water for fifteen minutes.

Gray whales are a species of baleen whales, meaning they filter food from the water. They have a distinctive hump and ridge of sharp bumps along their back. They also have two blowholes on top of their heads.

Despite their size and the fact that they can weigh up to 40 tons, gray whales are not hunters. They are rather bottom feeders, sucking up mud filled with crustaceans. They are also known for their curious nature and will often attempt to approach a boat.

During the summer months, gray whales are often found in groups. The largest aggregations are seen on feeding grounds. A number of researchers have warned that the supply of food will decrease as climate change impacts sea ice coverage.

During the winter months, gray whales feed in the south. They can also be found in the Gulf of California. During the spring, they travel north to the Bering Sea, where they feed on bottom dwelling prey.

Gray whales make the longest migration of any mammal. They can cover up to 12,000 miles round trip, from feeding grounds in the Arctic to calving lagoons in Baja California.

They are the focus of ecotourism along the west coast of North America. They are protected by the International Whaling Commission and are protected from commercial hunting.

A recent study has shown that gray whales in the western North Pacific are undergoing a major migration. A research team is monitoring this population and taking photos to help identify individuals. The team is supported by WWF and is recording underwater communication and tissue samples.

The number of gray whales is estimated to be between 8,000 and 9,000. Some whales are considered non-pregnant, which means they may not be in the reproductive phase yet. They may stay at the mate-grounds until mid-April to May.

Private whale-watching tours

Getting to see whales in their natural habitat is an experience not to be missed. These majestic creatures can be seen on whale watching tours in Juneau Alaska. During this excursion, you will enjoy a scenic ride along Southeast Alaska's spectacular coastal scenery. The trip also includes free beverages and snacks.

Humpback whales feed on thousands of pounds of krill a day. They come to the shores of Juneau, Alaska, to feed. This makes this spot one of the best whale-watching locations in the world.

There are three ways to go about getting a whale-watching tour. The most popular is to charter a whale-watching boat. This is an exclusive experience that is perfect for small groups. You'll be able to go up close and personal with these magnificent creatures.

Another option is to charter a high-speed jetboat for your trip. This will allow you to explore the pristine waters of Juneau in comfort and style. The jetboat has a dedicated crew that will take care of your needs while you look for whales.

A third option is to combine a whale-watching excursion with a trip to Mendenhall Glacier. The glacier is home to killer whales, sea lions, and humpback whales. The Mendenhall Glacier Visitor's Center provides great views and trails that bring you closer to the ice.

Finally, you can opt for a private whale-watching charter in Juneau, Alaska. This excursion is perfect for a small group of friends or family members. This tour will take you through protected waters in the Inside Passage. The tour will allow you to search for whales, seals, and other water wildlife.

All trips include a snack, beverages, and a knowledgeable guide. This is a fun and educational way to experience the wildlife of Southeast Alaska. The boat also has an open deck for passengers to use their binoculars.

If you're interested in seeing the majestic humpback whales, there's no better place to go than Juneau, Alaska. This tour is guaranteed to show you the most amazing whale-watching experiences in the state. The cruise also includes a scenic cruise through the Mendenhall Tidelands, an ancient rainforest, and other attractions.

Meares Glacier Excursion through Prince William Sound

Located at the head of Unakwik Inlet in Prince William Sound, the Meares Glacier is one of the only tidewater glaciers in North America to continue to advance. It is about a half mile from the port of Valdez.

The glacier is about 1800 feet thick. It flows toward homonymous bay. The face of the glacier moves back at four feet per day in the summer. It is projected treacherous surface. It attracts over 400,000 visitors each year.

The best way to see the glacier is to take a day cruise. Some companies offer small planes or kayaking. Others offer jet skis. If you don't want to go on a boat, you can hike to some of the glaciers.

Visiting the Meares Glacier on a day trip is a great way to experience the beauty of this area. You can get as close as a quarter mile to the glacier's face. The crew will tell you about the history of the area. You will also have the opportunity to spend time with whales and other wildlife.

There are several companies that offer a Meares Glacier Excursion through Prince William Sound. Stan Stephens Glacier & Wildlife Cruises has been offering trips to this area for more than 40 years.

If you are looking for a more luxurious excursion, you may want to look into Safari Explorer. They have a luxury yacht called the Explorer. You can book an 8.5 hour tour or a 6-hour excursion. During the tour, you can take a hike and kayak past glaciers.

If you prefer to stay dry, you can also take a day boat cruise. The excursion includes light refreshments and a chance to view the wildlife.

Another option is to visit the Columbia Glacier. This glacier is the second largest in Alaska. It is a 32-mile long ice sheet, and the face is about three miles wide. It has a long projected treacherous surface. The area is surrounded by old growth forests.

The most common way to see glaciers is to take a day cruise. A day boat can get you as close as a quarter-mile from the glacier's face.

Evening Whale Quest

Whether you're a traveler or a resident of Juneau, Alaska, the Evening Whale Quest offers a fun and exciting way to view humpback whales. This experience guarantees whale sightings and provides great photo opportunities. You'll be guaranteed to see humpback whales as well as other marine wildlife.

You'll be escorted to the water by a naturalist who will explain the behavior of humpback whales. He will also talk about other wildlife and provide you with beverages and snacks.

During the voyage, you'll pass through Stephens Passage, which is a protected marine wilderness area that is world-renowned for its summer feeding grounds for humpback whales. The whales are usually in a cooperative group, giving you the chance to get up close. You'll be given a chance to take photos, and you'll be given time to order food and drink.

You'll have the opportunity to watch humpback whales while they're feeding, and you'll be able to hear their singing with an underwater hydrophone. You'll be able to enjoy the scenery as you sail through Southeast Alaska and the scenic Inside Passage.

The trip lasts almost four hours. You'll be able to enjoy a delicious dinner, a selection of beverages, and desserts. The naturalist will also guarantee you'll see whales and harbor seals. He'll be able to tell you the best times to visit this area.

You'll be able to choose from an adult-only tour or a family-friendly tour. You'll also be able to book a Juneau tour that features a beer tasting flight, or a four-beer tasting flight. You can even choose from a vegetarian or gluten-free option.

You'll also be able to take a ride on the Mendenhall Glacier. This excursion features interactive exhibits and Forest Service interpreters, as well as a deluxe catamaran for wildlife viewing. You'll be able to get up close to a humpback whale and enjoy complimentary drinks.

This is the perfect tour for families or individuals looking for an enjoyable and unique experience. The boat is fully enclosed and heated, and the tour is under a permit with the Tongass National Forest.

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