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Couple's Boudoir: What is it & Why You Should Do It

Feb 5

What is Couples Boudoir?

Is Boudoir Really For Us?

Couples boudoir photography or videography is all about connecting with your partner on a deeper level. The idea behind doing a shoot like this is to provide a glimpse of what intimacy looks like behind closed doors. Couples who participate in expressing their love and passion for each other tend to have longer-lasting and stronger relationships because they are willing and work to put the effort and attention into their relationship.

Typically in these sexy photos or video shoots, couples put on, or should we say take off an outfit, rock some sexy lingerie, and let loose by baring it all while touching, kissing, and cuddling with one another. Our couples boudoir sessions are all about capturing passion.

Couples sessions tend to go a few ways: First, couples are looking for a set of photos that let us say are Rated PG13 - R. As in the photo above, this couple is just beginning to enjoy their time together. Second, couples want nude photos of them together but done conservatively. Let’s call this Rated R+. And finally, some couples go for the full experience and are looking to have photos taken of them doing “their thing.”

As many relationship experts say, enjoying the passion for one another and trying new things strengthens a couple's bonds. Many of our clients tell us that they are so happy they tried a session and that their relationship is stronger because of it.