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Why You Should Consider a Boudoir Photo Session with Red Sash Photography

Jan 19


A boudoir photography session is a day to enjoy being you.  It is a time to build your self-confidence.  Most clients leave these sessions with their heads held high. However, when they first arrive this isn't always the case.  Many are apprehensive of the boudoir sessions. They are self-conscious and fear the unknown. This isn't something that is in everyone's comfort zone.  We understand that and take steps to bring you out of your shell.  It is important to us that our clients feel comfortable in our space.  Because of this, we take our time to ease into our boudoir sessions.   We want you to be comfortable and enjoy your day.  

Many come out of their shells rather quickly.  Once we get started after your hair and makeup are done, you will quickly realize that these sessions are actually a lot of fun.  

Creating memories with a boudoir session.

Many of us get busy with life.  The once perky body isn't as perky as it used to be.  But, keep in mind, in 10 years it will have changed again.  These photos are memories of what you once looked like. While you might not think you are perfect, others do.  You don't need to be self-conscious of your body but celebrate it and all that it has been through.  You need to embrace what you have today.  That's why these sessions are very therapeutic for some as well as great confidence boosters.  We will make you look your very best and fabulous.  You will be so impressed that you may even want to create a gift for your partner. Remember, you are your worst critic!

When you do a boudoir session it is a session that you will always remember.  Many people leave saying that they had a great time, despite their fears and being apprehensive in the beginning.  Don't think that you need to go on a big diet or change anything about how you look.  Just embrace yourself as you and enjoy yourself.  We understand that you might think this all sounds very strange but let loose and have some fun.  Bring a friend and have two sessions in one.  

Pamper yourself.

Take a day for yourself.  This is a pampering session. We do your hair and makeup for all of the sessions.  When were the last time that you have your hair and makeup done professionally?  Many of us only have this done on special occasions and this is a special occasion.  It is the time to celebrate you and your body.  

You don't have to be model perfect to have a beautiful outcome.  Most people that come to us don't have modeling experience.  Even if they do have the experience they have never done it in lingerie.  No worries.  We are happy to help pose you in a manner that will create amazing photographs that you will be proud of.  Almost everyone is impressed with the outcome and we are certain that you will be as well.  Let's create lasting memories that you can be proud of for years to come.  

If you are on the fence about booking a session, let us give you some more reasons why you should go for it! First of all, boudoir photography is not as risqué as one might think. It can be as innocent or racy as you want it to be. Our photographers will work with you to make sure that your photos reflect your personal comfort level. Secondly, these sessions are FUN! You get to dress up in sexy lingerie, have your hair and makeup done by professionals, and spend an afternoon feeling like a glamourous model. Finally, boudoir photo sessions make fantastic gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, or just because. If any of this sounds appealing to you, call us today to schedule soon.