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Dec 8

Wedding photography is a popular genre because of its combination of tradition, joy, and personalization. You can see the rest of your guest list if someone invites me to their wedding. It will be amazing to see how many people are taking photos with everything from professional DSLRs down to their mobile phones.

It's not easy to be the best man at a friend's wedding or take pictures for your family members. To capture the special moments that will be cherished forever, true wedding photography requires knowledge and experience.

These are photography oahu Wedding Photographers

Top reasons professional photographers are a job we couldn't be happier for:

You are a key part of someone's special day

Weddings are one of life's most important moments. There is so much emotion, and people seem to be able to put aside their differences when they get together as friends or family members, celebrating an important day.

I find it so beautiful to be surrounded by love and support from everyone around me. It's amazing how the mother's eyes can turn blue when her son is ready to start his own family, while the father's face will become overwhelmed at knowing that there won't be more little ones.

Photography is more than just taking photos.

It takes a lot to ensure that the day goes smoothly. As a professional wedding photographer, there are many roles I play. These include candid shots with my family or environmental details such as flowers in pots outside of the venue before guests arrive. Forgotten shoes is not uncommon. Soft skills include relationship building, which is essential for getting people settled quickly if they arrive late; and coordinating crazy relatives who want to have their picture taken together without having to send back conflicting instructions.

Amazing technical skills

You will develop excellent technical skills

When you take wedding photos, there are many things that need to be aligned in terms of lighting and composition. These are crucial for a successful shoot, especially if there is poor lighting or an outdoor ceremony that doesn't have enough sunlight. Sometimes everything was perfect: the right light, at the desired location, and two wonderful subjects who were happy to share their day with me as husband/wife! There were other times. Everything went wrong, from the sudden downpour that forced us to stay inside the reception venue hosted by Unusual Creatures Productions to having problems getting the flashes to work properly.

Storytelling moments are easy for you

Weddings can be a treasure trove of many stories that are told throughout the day. Photographing weddings is a treasure trove of stories. Your photos should tell the story with characters and action. Sometimes we just have to know where to look. These moments are worth documenting, such as a Father-Daughter Exchange and Bride Reading Her Groom’s Letter.

Industry Relationships

Talented, hard-working professionals make up the wedding industry. Photographers play an integral role on a wedding day, capturing memories for you and your loved one to cherish forever. It doesn't matter whether they are important vendors or just people in attendance. We all benefit from the beautiful images captured by our photographers working together as a family.

Over the years, I have been able to make friendships with almost every professional in this field: DJs, videographers/video homeowners, and DJs.


Photography is all about creativity. Try looking at what others are doing to get inspired and then try your hand at the opposite. You can be creative and take risks with your work.

Artists have great freedom to express themselves creatively. Why not give it a try?

Diverse Portfolio

It is not an easy industry to get into, and it takes time to build up your portfolio. You can expect to be able to attract clients like never before if you have been in the industry for a while.

People will surround you constantly with amazing photos of yours taken around town. They seem to be impressed enough that they often ask "Who took them?" It's always easy to answer: "I did."

Your work will have an impact

Wedding photographers are artists who capture moments in time and pass them down to future generations. Your work can make a difference in someone's life and give them the gift of preserving their special day forever.

My dad was happy to see his parents' wedding photos a few years back. He had seen those memories unfold before him so many years ago. People often think of "wedding" and conjure images like fancy dresses, tradition vs modernity arguments about seating charts or song choice (which almost always ends with opera), endless dancing under strings lights that glow above the tables, and endless hours spent laughing as the couples dance slowly together.

These are the things you will love about being a wedding photographer.